September 2021 Newsletter

September Newsletter


092021 newsletter


DW Mission for August – Labette County Emergency Assistance Center
Our local food pantry, LCEAC, not only provides food and paper products, but also helps with cooling and heating bills. Please consider how you can help those in need.

The families of Gary Bayless
Our nation’s leaders & military, church minister & staff, & regional staff


CARE HOMES/HOMEBOUND – June Dodds, Rutheen Hammack, Londa Metcalf, Doris Drummond, Jean Daetwiler, Mary Lea Ashcraft, Lillian Smith, Jean Boss, & June Miller


HEALTH CONCERNS - Carol Fincher, Pete Hughes, Bert Dean, Warren Koogle, Mike Womeldorff, Erlene Cares, Glenna Randall, Ginger Dixon, Lois Parker, Anne Allen, Marsha Bayless, Barbara Robbins, Suzi Ginn, Shane Gwartney, Iona Shipps, Debbie Nash, Al Owen, Renee Lizarraga’s mom (Gissela), Angelica Jones, Kent Dorsey, & Roper Blackburn-Campmier


WORLD CONCERNS – Covid-19 & children and staff returning to school


To everyone: thank you so much for my wonderful birthday Grandma Shower. I don't know how you did it, but I had no idea what was waiting for me in the Fellowship Hall. All the love, the cute and handy baby things, the flowers, the cake, the books, and the magic bag of pearls; it is a memory I will always treasure.


Steve took some wonderful pictures and we will be running some of them during worship in September.


All of you are such a blessing, and it is a joy and my privilege to be serving alongside you in our ministry!


My forever thanks!


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