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Office Administrator: Mandi Campmier

Mandi Campmier earned a degree in special education after high school and worked as a daycare provider for 13 years. She attended college while her twins were in preschool and earned degrees in both legal and office administration. Mandi is employed as the office administrator for the First Christian and First Presbyterian Churches in Parsons since January of 2018.

Mandi and her husband, Elmer II, live in the country with their four children, Kainen, Rilan, and twins, Reegan and Roper. Kainen is a junior and is active in football. Rilan is in the 8th grade and participates in archery and 4H. Both boys have a lawn mowing service and Kainen is also employed at a local hardware store. Reegan is in the 1st grade and is active in gymnastics and t-ball. Roper is also in the 1st grade and is enjoys football, soccer, and t-ball. Elmer is a journeyman lineman for a local power company. The couple loves spending outdoors and riding four wheelers with their children. They also enjoy traveling and spending time with their families.

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