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April 8, 2018


20180408DW Project – April 2018 -
St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital of Memphis, TN

No child should die before they enjoy living. No child should have to endure radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and surgery- away from home for weeks, months or longer-away from family and friends-experiencing extreme pain and weakness.
Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia (ALL), the most common childhood cancer, afflicts children of all ages. Fifty years ago, only 4% would live. Today, although the St. Jude survival rate is now 80%-sadly, one in five children still lose their hard fought battle. A family loses their precious gift from God. No parent should ever lose a child-life forever changes.

No bill is ever received for treatments, travel, housing, or food; allowing parents to focus all their thoughts and attention on their child. Spirits are raised with each birthday, graduation, and holiday celebration-much love is exchanged.
Our hearts go out to these children and their families. Ongoing research, freely shared around the world, results in improved treatments-but these prove to be very costly. Let us show our love and support by giving generously; thanking God most of us have been spared this heartache.

This is money well spent-I guarantee. We invite the congregation to join us. Mark your envelope “St. Jude.” Our thanks and love to all of you for caring and giving. Read the bulletin here.

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