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April 29, 2018 Bulletin

 April 29, 2018 Bulletin


20180429College Boxes
Help us show our college kids how important they are to our faith community!
We are making boxes filled with cookies, snacks, and notes of encouragement for our college kids. There will be a container in the narthex to put your goodies and notes in. Donations are needed by May 1st.

KU-Benjamin Brewer, Bryleigh Beardmore, & Abby Smith
PSU-Jamie Bayless, Tyler Beadrmore, & Kinzie Brownwell
ESU-Ian Bain
Washburn-Sammi Ford & John Ray
Ottawa-Jared Hawks
William Jewell-Tori Smith
LCC-Abby Ford & Kari Ann Whitlock

Read the bulletin here. 

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