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June 24, 2018

Disciples Women June 2018 Project

20180624Would YOU like to help save a life today? Give sight in one day to a child or adult with cataracts? Remove a disfiguring facial tumor obstructing an airway or a person’s ability to eat causing them to starve? Repair legs that are backward or so bowed they cannot walk? Will you? The list is endless.

Remember Mercy Ships, sailing port to port, bringing help and hope to many who’ve never seen a doctor because they were too poor? The afflicted walk for days covering hundreds of miles, sell everything they own-for their once in a lifetime chance to be treated.
Some so disfigured have spent their lives hiding because they were shunned-never able to marry, work or attend school because people were afraid of them.

Mercy Ships have a volunteer crew of about 450 from 50 countries who pay to work on this ship for 2 weeks to 2 years-giving hope, love, and mercy.

We are all God’s children. He trusts us to take care of those in desperate need-strangers we’ll never meet but who are grateful for what you are doing for them. We are all blessed by living in America. It is our job to care of our brothers and sisters in other countries too.

Please reread an earlier write-up and see pictures in the Narthex. Tell me your heart doesn’t ache. Please, please be generous. We thank you and they do too. We invite our church family to join us in saving lives. Mark envelopes and checks to Disciples Women for Mercy Ships. Bless you all. Read this week's bulletin here.

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