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August 12 , 2018

20180812DW Project Late July & Early August 2018

***Big Yellow School Bus***
August has always been vacation month for our faithful supporters-dedicated followers of God who show their love by their generous response to our DW projects through the year.

But! I missed the bus in July, the big, yellow school bus! SHAME ON ME!!! School starts August 16th. We still have some time to show we want to provide for needy children-struggling families-if we hurry. But why don’t we make this easy…If you would be willing to give a monetary gift, that would be great. Can we do this by August 12th? Time is short. I hear the school bells ringing.

Forgive me for falling down on the job.

Thank you, Almighty God, for our loving church family who makes this project worth doing.
Mark you envelopes and checks “DW”-memo “school”.
See you in September.-Disciples Women  Read the bulletin here.

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