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August 20, 2017

20170820tSome advantages of singing in the choir:
1. You never have to worry about what to wear.
2. You have excellent seats and are assured of a reserved seat for Christmas and Easter.
3. From your seat in the choir loft you can gawk at, smile at, ignore, and otherwise enjoy the rest of the people in the congregation.
4. You’re in an excellent seat to see all the activity, such as baptisms, new members, installations, etc.
5. The pastor is nearly always looking the other way.
6. The cost for all these benefits is low. Just one evening a week for a rehearsal.
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August 13, 2017

20170813Chancel Choir Thoughts

Suppos that somon didn’t join th Chancl Choir bcaus thy flt thir voic wouldn’t b ndd. That would b lik trying to figure out this mssag bcaus something as simpl as th lttr “e” has bn rplacd with nothing. That’s how much w nd you. Plas don’t b th missing voic that God nds to har. Join th choir as w rsum rharsals on Wdnsday, August 23, 2017 at 6:45 pm in th choir room. W will bgin singing in worship on Sunday, Sptmbr 10, 2017. Read the bulletin here.

August 6, 2017


Equal Exchange is a worker-owned co-operative. The organic, specialty Arabica coffees come from co-ops in Latin America, Africa and Asia. Because their farmer partners are paid Fair Trade prices above the market value for their crops, they are able to make investments in community projects, educational programs and technical trainings. These strong co-operative organizations also help keep rural communities healthy and strong, and keep local cultures vibrant. We currently have many different varieties of coffee available in the Narthex for $10 per bag. Read the bulletin here.

July 30, 2017

20170730tMusic Ministry Opportunity

We are looking for more choir members. Please give prayerful
consideration to the possibility of joining your chancel choir.
Choir rehearsals begin on Wednesday, August 23rd at 6:45 pm
in the church choir room. Please contact Warren Townsend at
620-423-3994 or cell: 620-778-3754 for more information, or
just come to the next rehearsal.  Read More

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