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John's Place

 What a full and beautiful day we had on Resurrection Sunday, 2014. It started with a gentle Sunrise service at the picnic shelter. On cue, the turkeys, the purple martins and all of creation joined with our human voices to proclaim, "My Lord, What a Morning!"as the sun poked up over the horizon to illuminate the empty cross.

A wonderful variety of food was offered between services, and a rich time of fellowship was held as folks greeted one another to the new day. Laughter overcame much of our tiredness as we enjoyed one another's company. The food just didn't seem to want to disappear because of the abundant generosity of everyone who provided.

Then came the highlight of proclaiming the resurrection during our 9:30 worship service when seven young people entered the waters of our baptistry to take on the way of Christ. At the conclusion of the baptism/sermon it was very moving to hear the united voices in the congregation rattle the rafters with the thunderous acclamation "HE IS RISEN INDEED!".

We felt something very special going on Sunday. Even the gleeful laughter of the children hunting for Easter eggs after services filled us with joy and awe. There was a sense of wonder and delight as they discovered each egg, proclaiming to us observers life and hope.

It was a joyous day, it was an exhausting day, but now what? Monday comes and the ever day world returns. The memory of a wonderful day has already begun to fade. Oh, we will continue to tell stories, but in the end, do we truly respond to the ultimate, transformative message of the day? Do we remember that the day is all about the proclamation of God's power to do a new thing? That in all the stories, all the memories, that we are a new creation called to live out resurrection hope with all that we are and all that we have in a Good Friday world?

We remember this day as the most significant in our faith tradition. Resurrection is a once and for all time event that invites us to not only be aware that new creation happened but continues to happen around us and ought to happen through us. It is living out our baptismal promise to be an extension of the resurrected Christ's hope and love to a troubled world.

May we strive to live daily the message of resurrection, seeing joy around us and celebrating, seeing sorrow encompassing many and bringing hope to them. Christ is risen! Christ is risen indeed!!!


Disciple Women May Service Project

Safe Haven Outreach Mission is the Disciple Women’s service project for May. We are taking a cash offering because we feel that they can use that to their best advantage. They have bills to pay and while they have material needs, those change from day to day and money can be used where needed. While in the home, residents are helped to find jobs, have responsibilities in the home, are encouraged to get an education, and be able to get back into a productive stream of life. Please give generously!

Join us for a Chicken Noodle Dinner to support the Children’s Ministry. Dinner will be held on Sunday, May 4th from 11:00 to 12:30 pm, dine in or carry out is available. Menu includes salad, homemade chicken and noodles, mashed potatoes, green beans, dessert and tea or coffee. A Free Will offering will be accepted to support this worthwhile ministry. Thank you for your support!

Church Office Hours
The church office will be closed Monday, May 26th in observance of Memorials Day. Regular office hours are 8 am to noon and 1 pm to 4 pm. The front (West) doors remain open during business hours and the back (South) door is locked for security reasons. Read More

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