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Forethoughts August 2014

What is it to Live Forever?

For the early Hebrews, living forever meant having progeny -- bearing children so that your name would “not depart from the earth.” Eternal life was through your “seed.”

Subsequent to the exile in Babylon, they adopted a notion of the soul and came to believe that the soul could live on after death and some believed in the possibility of resurrection, where not only the soul would live on but the body as well would enter into some kind of afterlife.

We typically don’t speculate much about afterlife, whether we are on the great wheel of karma, or whether we meet Peter at the pearly gate, or whether our children are our way to live on. The Apostle Paul considered it a mystery and a blessed hope. And many of us simply side with those who understand that the gospel is much more about “Thy Kingdom come, on earth . . .” than trying to get into some afterlife eternal real estate.

That being said, one very practical and gospel way to live on is through legacy giving. A legacy gift continues our influence, our intentions, our goals and our values even after we have crossed over into the mystery. It funds “Thy Kingdom come on earth . . .” Even after we pass on, we live on. Read More

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