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Forethoughts September 2014

John's Place

I am beginning to think the world has gone mad and is in a pretty volatile place right now. The news from this morning was very sad and disconcerting. The horrific shooting down of a Malaysian airliner in the rebel-held Ukraine has brought us to a place of shock, dismay and much finger pointing. The conflict between Israel and Hamas in the Middle East has escalated once again to a place of heightened bloodshed and despair, with many innocents caught in the middle, again with accusations flying back and forth about who is responsible for this most recent onslaught. The situation on our own border with Mexico and the thousands of unaccompanied children from Central America who are arriving there, trying to escape the dangerous situations of their native countries and the frozen politics of our country has infected many with fear and hate.

I heard this all this morning on CBS This Morning as they took a look at the world in 90 seconds. I turned off the television, hoping to escape any more bad news and went online. The first article on my news feed on Facebook was about yet another city cracking down on homelessness in a far less than compassionate way by banning them. That remote, desert island is looking better every day! Read More

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