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January newsletter

January Newsletter  

201901First, I want to thank everyone for our marvelous Christmas! It was such an inspiring season and now, we are in the middle of reconnecting with Christ through our Celtic heritage. Our Intern - Renee Goodwin is bringing her seminary studies of Celtic Spirituality to share with us in our worship series, Bless to Me. Even if you don't have an Irish bone in your body, I think this fresh look at our life in Christ will inspire you in these cold winter months.
Next, I want to recognize and thank everyone who has helped with all the recent funerals. The Disciples Women have been preparing Family Dinners once, sometimes twice, a week. This weekend is our first break since Christmas. Not just FCCP, but the entire Parsons community has said good-bye to many long time friends. The grief has been palpable. Please take time to share fond memories with friends and family as we prepare for spring's hope of new life.
And now, to all of you, thanks! What a wonderful place to be in ministry. I am blessed to be able to serve alongside you in your ministries here at First Christian. Thank you for all you are and do! Laurie
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