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February 2017 Newsletter

Week of Compassion Special Offering February 19 and 26.

Week of Compassion is the Disciples witness in the face of natural or manmade disasters. Floods, hurricanes, fire, civil wars, poverty and disease are only a few of the challenges that Week of Compassion responds to on behalf of Disciples. The Special Day offering is the only church-wide effort to provide general funding for the ministry. Week of Compassion offering will be received February 19 and 26, 2017.

As you make your offering to Week of Compassion this year, may your worship be joyful; may your sharing be delightfully abundant; may God be made glad by your cheerful generosity! Special offering envelopes will be in the sanctuary, or you may include your offering in your regular envelope – just write on the check or the envelope the amount for each offering. Read the full newsletter here. 

November 2016 Newsletter

Disciple Women Project November 2016

Brrrrr!! Have you ever been cold, bone chilling cold? No home to go to – due to hard times, floods,tornadoes, earthquakes and hurricanes? Or refugees fleeing their homeland displaced by war?

A blanket can provide warmth and comfort. It can be a tent for shelter, a stretcher for an elderly or injured person, or just a carryall for all you and your family have left.

Have you given thought to how blessed we are? Yes, am sure you have…

If we care – if we give – Church World Service will provide and distribute blankets here in the United States and in countries aboard for us at the cost of $10 each. Let us place a heart for you on our display blanket in the narthex.

Last year, you gave 44 blankets to grateful strangers. Can we reach, or maybe even surpass that number? We invite everyone to join us. Special envelopes are available in the bulletin and on the table in the narthex. Thank you for the love, caring and generosity you show to strangers. It’s not easy to keep asking you for money – but we love you for it and so does God. Read more.

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