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ForeThoughts March 2016

The Disciple Women’s March Project Safe House in Pittsburg is a safe and secure home for women and children who are victims of domestic violence and sexual abuse. Domestic

violence is violence committed again one person by another member of the same household. The abuse can be physical or mental and usually involves both. Attacks often begin as verbal abuse or threats and turn into battery, rape or even murder.

Safe House works with these people to end the cycle of violence. Read full newsletter.

ForeThoughts January 2016

The Disciple Women’s Merry Christmas Luncheon was well attended with 42 members and guests present, including some of our working women. We were very glad to be able to have them with us. A delicious potluck dinner was served and the program was presented by Greg & Suzie York. Everyone enjoyed the dinner and fellowship.
Quilt fundraiser - The ladies raised $856.00 in ticket sales for the Kansas Troubles “Barn Raising” Quilt. Greg York was asked to draw from the multitude of tickets and after shaking them up and rattling them around, he drew Shirley Degenhart’s name as the winner of the quilt! Congratulations, Shirley!
Read the newletter here.

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