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Cheerful Old Frank Jones

He was in his mid-80s, wrinkled as an old washboard, and he used a walker to drag along his crippled leg. Although he lived alone, he was intensely happy. He had a host of friends, many of whom visited him regularly because he gave them a spiritual lift. He dubbed himself, "Cheerful Old Frank Jones".

His pastor came to visit him for the same reason. "The man is a true saint," the pastor said to his wife and friends. And, the pastor confessed, old Frank had taught him a lesson. Each time the pastor called on the joyful fellow, Frank handed him his church envelope containing his gift for the church. One day the pastor thought, "Frank probably needs the money more than the church." So, the pastor suggested to Frank that the church was doing well financially and really didn't need his gift. Old Frank smiled, handed his envelope to the pastor and said, "Pastor, the church may not need my gift, but, I need to give it.

Frank knew that loving and giving cheerfully where necessary for a healthy spiritual life.

The pastor left carrying a memory and a lesson he never forgot.

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